Ohio Legislature Passes Agritourism Legislation

An agritourism bill first introduced over a year ago has finally received approval from the Ohio General Assembly. Visit our new blog site here to read this post.

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Legislation Proposes Tax Credits for Manure Infrastructure Investments

A legislative proposal to address manure infrastructure costs introduced by Rep. Brian Hill (R-Zanesville) is moving once again, receiving its third hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday, April 26.  To continue reading this post, go to our new blog site, here.

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CAUV Bills Awaiting Committee Action

Legislation proposing changes to Ohio’s current agricultural use valuation (CAUV) program has remained on hold in the General Assembly since last fall.  To read this post, visit our new blog site at aglaw.osu.edu/blog.

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Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear challenge to WOTUS Rule

To read this post, visit our new blog site at aglaw.osu.edu/blog.

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Changes Made to Ohio’s Cottage Food Regulations

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) has revised regulations that implement Ohio’s Cottage Food Law, which addresses the production and sale of certain “non-potentially hazardous” foods. An operation producing a “cottage food” may do so without licensing and inspection by ODA, but must follow labeling requirements and is subject to potential food sampling by ODA.

Changes to Ohio’s cottage food regulations include the following:

New cottage food products

Several new food items have joined the list of cottage food products that an operator may produce without licensing or inspection by ODA:

  1. Flavored honey produced by a beekeeper, if a minimum of 75% of the honey is from the beekeeper’s own hives;
  2. Fruit chutneys;
  3. Maple sugar produced by a maple syrup processor, if at least 75% of the sap used to make the maple syrup is collected directly from trees by the processor;
  4. Waffle cones dipped in candy;
  5. Dry soup mixes containing commercially dried vegetables, beans, grains, and seasonings.

Foods that are not cottage food products

Two revisions clarify foods that do not fall under the cottage food law:

  1. Fresh fruit that is dipped, covered, or otherwise incorporated with candy;
  2. Popping corn.

Fruit in granola products

If adding fruit to granola, granola bars, or granola bars dipped in candy, which are all cottage food products, the fruit must be commercially dried.

The new regulations became effective January 22, 2016. View the cottage food regulations at http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/901%3A3-20.  Read our other posts on Ohio’s Cottage Food Law at http://aglaw.osu.edu/blog-categories/food.

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Ohio Supreme Court Resolves Grain Bin Taxation Issue

Grain bins are “business fixtures” that are personal property and not subject to real property tax, according to a decision issued today by the Ohio Supreme Court.  Continue reading.

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Ohio’s New Fertilizer and Manure Application Restrictions are in Effect

Ohio’s newest legislation addressing water quality concerns became effective on July 3, 2015.  The new law, enacted by the Ohio legislature earlier this year as Senate Bill 1, affects Ohio agriculture with the following provisions.  (To read this post, go to our new blog site at aglaw.osu.edu/blog.)

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